Marine and maritime governance

Maritime Limits and Boundaries Services Ltd provide assistance and advice that support responsible management of the marine environment. Marine Spatial Planning is fast becoming a valuable approach to balancing the many competing demands in the use of marine space, so establishing robust framework and addressing data demands are of key importance to sustaining healthy and resilient marine estates.

Understanding the limits of marine and maritime sovereignty provides the foundation to determine the extent of sovereign states’ responsibilities under national, regional and international obligations. To support this Maritime Limits and Boundaries Services Ltd provide advice and technical support on territorial baseline form and generation, the delineation of maritime zones, delimitation of maritime boundaries and the delineation of continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles. We undertake reviews of institutional arrangements of states’ marine scientific research framework, a key component to understanding, managing and befitting from the activities of others within your marine space.  

As experts in advising on the rights, responsibilities and obligations of sovereign states under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Maritime Limits and Boundaries Services Ltd has a successful track record in the delivery of key marine programmes that support equitable and efficient utilization of marine resources that support the development of sustainable blue economies.